Monday, 9 January 2017

Getting there at last

Today I feel like I've made a decent amount of progress. I've based all the bone, hair and cloth on everything as well as some fleshy bits here and there where needed.

I've got a few other bits like some wodden stakes and a few metal chains to do before I can start shading and then I'll layer over these.

As I'm still going with my quick as possible scheme I think I'll probably leave it after that besides basing. Then it'll be back to the dreaded Terrorgheist!

Overall I feel a lot happier now with how these guys are looking. Just got to decide on a basing theme...


  1. Could you say what paints (and steps) are you doing to make these wonderfull flesheater courts?

    1. Yes I can do that, it will probably be the weekend before I get any time though.

    2. NEAT. Also, for the bases, since your skin tone its very bright you could go for a black/death lands.